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Mission Statement

God has gifted us with abilities and talents in the beauty industry for the purpose of serving you, our valuable customers.  It is an honor.  Our goal is to give you the highest quality of service and bring you the latest information and technology that will meet all your needs.  We want to make a positive impact on your life and help you be and look your best.  Afterall, gorgeous is our goal!

Salon & Spa Services

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Skin Care

Signature Spa Facial:  Customized facial with our exclusive 200% aloe vera skin care that corrects and restores.  50 min.  
Migon Facial:  A mini facial for those on the go in need of a quick refreshing.   25 min.  
Essential Back Facial:  Includes hot towels, extractions, cleansing , massage and mask for problematic skin on the back.  $45.00
European Spa Facial:  The ultimate facial that includes massaging the decollete, shoulders, arms, and hands.  75 min.  
Deep Pore Cleansing Facial:  Extractions and exfoliation helps cleanse clogged pores.  55 min.  
Lactic Acid Facial:  A Signature Spa Facial with a super strength lactic acid peel.  
Pure Collagen Facial:  100% Collagen mask infuses proteins and moisture revitalizing and redefining skins' surface.  
Therapeutic LED Facial:  Our Signature Spa Facial with cellular light therapy that rejuvenates youthful appearance.  
Paraffin Wax Facial:  Anti-aging treatments and hydrating warm paraffin masque smoothes and softens thirsty skin.  
Men's Facial:  Designed for the busy professional to destress and renew the face and the mind.  
Special Occasion Makeover:  When your face needs that special look.  
Bridal Makeup:  Let the professionals make you even more gorgeous for that wonderful day.   

Facial Enhancing Treatments

Collagen Eye Mask $12.00
Collagen Lip Mask $10.00
Skin Enhancing Masks $20.00
Vitamin C Firming $20.00
Acne Disencrustation $20.00
Eye Zone Treatment $15.00
Anti-Aging Caviar $30.00
Collagen Treatment $20.00
Skin Brightening $20.00

Body Care

Body Salt Glow:  Full body exfoliation to shed dull, rough skin.  25 min. 
Swedish Massage:  Classic full body massage.  50 min. 
Half Hour Massage:  Targets special problem areas.  25 min. 
Deep Tissue Massage:  Pressure point therapy and muscle manipulation to release tension. 
50 min.$80.00
Hot Stone Therapy:  Smooth hot stones add to relaxation and release of muscle tension.  80 min. 
Aromatherapy Massage:  Scented candles and essential oils soothe your senses.  50 min. 
Reflexology Hand and Foot Massage:  Pressure point therapy joined with relaxing massage.  25 min. 
Body Chair Massage:  Therapeutic massage of the neck, back, shoulders, and arms.  15 min. 
Body Gorgeous Wraps:  Exclusive aloe and sea algae formula wrap after salt glow exfoliation. 
Sea Algae Wrap:  Eliminates water retention and reduces cellulite. 
Moor Mud Wrap:  This black magna rejuvenates and remineralizes skin. 

Hair Care

Cut and Style $40.00
Men's Cut $20.00
Shampoo & Style $25.00
Regular Perm $50.00 to $75.00
Spiral Perm $100.00 to $175.00
Cap Highlights $50.00
Partial Foil Highlights $50.00
Full Foil Highlights $80.00
Updo/Special Occasion $40.00 to $50.00
Permanent Hair Color $50.0

Ethnic Hair Care

Shampoo & Set  $25.00
Shampoo, Set, & Style  $35.00
Cut Only  $20
Shampoo, Cut, & Style  $55.00 & Up
Tint  $60.00
Highlights  $80.00 & Up
Color Rinse  $55.00
Relaxer Retouch  $60.00
Full Relaxer  $80.00 & Up
Perm  $60.00 & Up
Spiral Perm  $125.00 & Up
Hair Weaving $250.00 & Up plus Hair
Hair Bonding $200.00 & Up plus Hair
Individual Extensions $1500.00 Inclusive

Nail Care

Solar Pink/White Full Set  Regular:  $45.00   New Client Special: 
Solar Pink/White Nail Fill  Regular:  $32.00  New Client Special: 
Solar Pink Fill  Regular $27.00  New Client Special: 
Regular Full Set  Regular $35.00  New Client Special: 

Regular Fill  Regular $27.00
New Client Special:  $22.00

Manicure  Regular:  $23.00 
New Client Special:  $15.00

Basic Pedicure  Regular:  $35.00 
New Client Special: $25.00

Spa Pedicure  Regular:  $45.00
New Client Special:  $30.00

Spa Manicure:  $26.00
New Client Special:  $18.00

Hair Waxing Services

Brows  $15.00
Lip  $10.00
Chin  $12.00
Chin & Jaw Line  $20.00
Cheeks  $20.00
Forehead  $10.00
Ears  $12.00
Nose  $5.00
Chest  $30.00
Underarms  $20.00
Forearms  $30.00
Full arms  $40.00
Hands  $20.00
Bikini  $35.00
French Bikini  $45.00
Brazillian  $55.00 & Up
Back  $40.00
Neck  $10.00
Half Legs  $40.00
Full Legs  $60.00 & Up

Lash Tinting

Brow  $15.00
Lash $20.00
Lash Tabbing  $30.00

Lash Extensions

Individual Lashes  $175.00
Retouch  $50.00
Removal  FREE


Single Treatment  $125.00
Three Facial Treatments  $300.00
Seven Facial Treatments  $650.00

Permanent Cosmetics

Upper Eyeliner  $250.00 
Lower Eyeliner  $250.00
Upper & Lower Eyeliner  $500.00
Eye Accent (Adding Second Eyeliner Color)  $200.00
Eyebrows  $450.00
Lip Liner Only  $400.00
Full Lip Color  $550.00

Includes One Touch-Up
With-in 90 days

(requires pre-consultation and deposit)



Salon & Spa Packages

Spa Packages

Me Time Makeover  (Includes Mignon Spa Facial, Customized Cut & Style, Relaxing Chair Massage, Spa Manicure,
Color Analysis, Makeup Lesson & Application) $240.00
New You Makeover  (Includes Mignon Spa Facial, Cut & Style, Color Analysis, Makeup Lesson and Application)  
$150.00  (Regular $195.00)
Mini Retreat  (Includes Half Hour Massage, Manicure, Shampoo & Style, Makeup)  
Make Me Gorgeous  (Includes Cut & Style, Manicure, Pedicure, & Makeup)  
Mothers Day Out  (Paraffin Manicure, Spa Pedicure, Shampoo & Condition Treatment, Style & Makeup)  
Mini Escape  (Includes Mignon Facial, Half Hour Massage, Nail & Toe Polish Change, Shampoo & Style, Makeup)  
New Image Makeover  (Includes Facial, Cut & Style, Makeup and Free Foundation)  
Bridal Package  (Includes Manicure, Pedicure, Bridal Coiffure, & Makeup)  
Sweetheart Special  (Includes Facial, Manicure, Pedicure, Shampoo & Style, Makeup)  
Make My Day Package  (Includes Massage, Manicure, Pedicure, Shampoo & Style, Makeup)  
Stress Relief Package  (Includes Massage, Facial, Shampoo & Style, Makeup)  
Rescue Me Package  (Includes Hand & Foot Reflexology, Aromatherapy Facial, Shampoo & Hair Gloss, Makeup)
Enchantment Package  (Includes Aromatherapy Facial & Massage, Luxury Hair Treatment & Style, Makeup)   
Pamper Me Package  (Includes Facial, Massage, Manicure, Pedicure, Shampoo & Style, Makeup, Lunch)  
Mini Day Spa Package  (Includes Facial, Body Salt Glow, Massage, Shampoo, Condition & Style, Makeup, Lunch)  
Day Spa Special  (Includes Massage, Sea Algae Wrap, Facial, Shampoo, Condition & Style, Makeup, Lunch)  
European Retreat  (Includes Moor Mud Wrap, European Facial, Shampoo, Conditon & Style, Makeup, Lunch)  
Deluxe Day Spa Package (Body Salt Glow, Massage, Facial, Manicure, Pedicure, Hair Cut & Style, Makeup, Lunch)  
Rejuvenation Retreat  (Salt Glow, Aromatherapy Massage, European Facial, Shampoo, Condition & Style, Makeup, Lunch)  
Spa Excursion  (Hot Stone Massage, Collagen Facial, Spa Manicure & Pedicure, Luxury Conditon & Style, Makeup, Lunch)
Couples Day Out  (Includes Facial, Massage, Manicure, Hair Cut & Style, Makeup For Her)  

Young Miss Packages

Pretty Princess Package (Ages 4-12  IncludesToe nail & Fingernail Polish, Shampoo & Style, Makeup) 
Teen Queen Package  (Ages 13-18  Includes Brow Wax, Manicure, Pedicure, & Makeup) 
Prom Package  (Includes Special Occasion Makeup & Hair Style) 

Mens Packages

Just For Men  (Includes Heaven & Earth Stone Massage, Bergamont Body Scrub, & Essential Back Facial) 
Guys Day Out  (Include Deep Tissue Massage, Facial, & Manicure) 
Men's Retreat  (Includes Aromatherapy Massage, Mignon Facial, & Hair Cut) 


                                                                 ANY CHEMICAL SERVICE
Microdermabrasion Special:  $75.00 ($200.00 value)
$100.00 Off:  Permanent Cosmetics-FULL EYES-LIPS-BROWS





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Saturday:  9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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